The Sanguine Woods

0C716E25-A4E5-4080-8E55-42AAA70D7025Ceann na Caillí (‘The Hag’s Head’)—the southernmost tip of the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland. One of many locations named for the Cailleach—a divine hag, a creator deity, weather deity, and an ancestor deity. She is also commonly known as the Cailleach Bhéara(ch) or Bheur(ach). In Scotland she is also known as Beira, the “Winter Queen.”  The word, Cailleach, literally means “old woman, hag”, and is found with this meaning in modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic;  it has also been applied to numerous mythological figures in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. (Wikipedia)

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