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If you haven’t yet read the ghost story “The Open Door” by Victorian Author Margaret O. Wilson Oliphant, here is a link to it online. It’s among the b st ever written. These photos are perfect for the setting of the haunting. A little child’s ghost, banging endlessly at the ruins where a crumbling open doorway, once lead somewhere, but now leads to nothing. No spoilers. But, when you pass the ruins, of an evening, at an hour when you probably should be in bed, and the howling gusts of wind long blew out your lanthorn flame, you hear what you knew you might, but hoped you wouldn’t — a knocking at a wooden door, and his little voice crying out from far away, on your right, then your left, then at your feet: “Oh, Mother! Let me in! Let me in, Mother!”


(Photos: Ireland Travel blog)

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