Azerbaijan Days

Some time ago I wrote a blog about the effect that cleaning up old buildings has on our understanding of history. I felt that in some way it erases the past, giving us a different picture of what has gone before, allowing us to effectively airbrush history. What about historical reconstructions of building destroyed by wars, commercial redevelopment or overzealous town planning? Take for example the Frauenkirche in Dresden…

The original Frauenkirche was built between 1726 and 1743 as a Lutheran parish church, despite the predominance of the Catholic faith in the region. George Bähr, Dresden’s city architect, designed the church and its most unique feature, the high dome (called the Stenerne Glocke or stone bell.)  For the next two hundred years, the Frauenkirche dominated the skyline of Dresden.

On February 13, 1945, Anglo-American forces began firebombing the city. The

Frauenkirche withstood two days of the attacks before the dome collapsed on the morning of February 15th. In 1966, the…

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