Table of Contents

  1. Geordie Blair’s Luck by Birch Vye and Sydney Phelps
  2. Miss Patty Gibson’s Strange Adventure by Noah Brooks
  3. The Wraith of the Shark God by Newel Douglas
  4. The Soul of Marse Ralph by Mary A. P. Stansbury
  5. The Tread of Invisible Feet by Justin M’Carthy
  6. What Was Seen by Juan Valdez at Saltillo by Thomas A. Janvier
  7. Vincenzio the Venetian by George Walker
  8. No 289—A Vision by Mrs Frank McCarthy
  9. A Pagan Incantation by Hjalmar Hjorst Boyesen
  10. The Case of Matthew Munn by Leonard Kip
  11. A Prophet by Richard Marsh
  12. The Monomaniac by Mrs. E. F. Ellet
  13. Unsolved by Ian Maclaren


  1. An Unhistorical Tragedy
  2. An Unseen Presence
  3. The Spirit of the Place
  4. Ghostly Counsel
  5. Wisset’s Will

(Ash Tree Press, 2012)