The Sanguine Woods


“The delights of this macabre novel gather thick as ghouls at midnight in the cemetery.” – The Washingtom Post on The Accursed by Joyce Carol Oates

Vampires, a curse, the colonial village of Princeton, this novel is a knockout—filled with poetic prose, with nods to Radcliffe, the Brontës, Bram Stoker, Lovecraft, and even Emily Dickinson. The Accursed is not what I expected. The cover misleads. And I’m glad it does.

Ron Charles in his 2013 Washington Post review: “With its vast scope, its mingling of comic and tragic tones, its omnivorous gorging on American literature, and especially its complex reflection on the major themes of our history, “The Accursed” is the kind of outrageous masterpiece only Joyce Carol Oates could create.’

Read this book. – SW

The Washington Post Review, 2013

Book World: ‘The Accursed,’ by Joyce Carol Oates by Ron Charles

‘The Accursed” is the latest addition to Joyce…

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