In 1972 a Californian artist named William Stoneham painted an oil depicting a child and a doll standing in front of a large glass door, behind which several hands could be seen. It is a rather disturbing work—the numerous pairs of hands stamped against the glass; the empty basins in the eyes of the doll. Not to mention the expression on the child’s face, which seems frozen in fear.

Stoneham’s painting, entitled The Hands Resist Him,was first publicly exposed at Feingarten Gallery in Beverly Hills. It was purchased by actor John Marley (The Godfather). After Marley’s death, the painting ended up lying in the back room of an old California brewery, where it was later found by a California couple. After owning the painting for a while, the couple decided to sell it on eBay. When asked why they decided to sell the painting;here is the what the wife posted on the same website:

“One night, our four-year-old daughter asked to sleep with us because she was very scared. She told us that the children in the painting were fighting, and that they came out of the painting and went into her room at night. My husband was alarmed, and wondered whether someone was getting into the house by night, so he installed a motion-sensor alarm. After three nights of no activity, he finally caught a blurry image on screen, where the little boy appeared to be climbing down out of the painting…

“The next morning he asked our daughter whether she saw anyone in her room last night. ‘The boy in the picture came in my room. Her was scared,’ she told my husband. ‘Did he say why he was scared?’ he asked our daughter. ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘He was scared of the hands that were trying to grab her so he came in my room to hide.”

The story doesn’t end here, though!

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