I really do love this poet…he’s a personal favoriter of mine.

K. A. Opperman’s poetry is sombre and profound and, like a Frost poem, leaves a chill of realization ringing in its wake; it is also gothic and moody and metered like Poe, yet tight and compressed like Dickinson…and like both his poetic voice is wise and time-tested.

It is a dark and lovely and self-assured and even a respectful poetics in that it pays subtle homage to a provenance of “October poetry”—from the traditional metered poetry of a painful sonnet, to the brief nightmare, carnivalesque poetry of American artists such as Lovecraft and Bradbury.

Opperman understands what critic Harold Bloom called “the anxiety of influence”. There is a sense hete of New meeting Old, at the shadowy center of a crossroad, at twilight…a deal is struck, sparks fly from the eternal pen, and the result is magic.


Photo: K. A. Opperman. (Facebook)

K. A. Opperman’s poems have appeared in a number of journals and magazines. His first book of poetry, The Crimson Tome is available at the link below…