The original and until recently the sole image of poet Emily Dickinson, a small daguerreotype (above) supposedly taken in 1847 when she was 17. A recently iscovered daguerreotype (below) shows the poet in her 30s (woman on the left) sitting next to a known friend of hers (woman on the right). After so many proposed “new” images of the poet over the years proved false, the finding of this new image shook the literary world. It’s surprising how much her face changed over the years. But the resemblance can be seen in the walleye she suffered in her right eye, her hand, and her lips. The new photo is also important because this was the age she was when she began her most intense and productive period of creativity in 1862-63.


This photo released Friday, Sept. 7, 2012 by Amherst College Archives and Special Collections, and the Emily Dickinson Museum, in Amherst, Mass., shows a copy of a circa 1860 daguerreotype purported to show a 30-year-old Emily Dickinson, left, with her friend Kate Scott Turner. The image was displayed during the August, 2012 Emily Dickinson International Society conference held at at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Amherst College Archives and Special Collections, and the Emily Dickinson Museum)