The Dressmaker’s Lament is a story I began working on in August. It is a Gothic story set in and around an old Brownstone in New York that was long-ago converted into apartment homes. But something is different about this particular Brownstone and at least one of its occupants…

  •  Who is the young and beautiful Evie Piper?
  • How long has she been living there, on the uppermost floor of an aging brownstone?
  • Why does she cover the walls of her apartment in a hundred ornately framed silver-backed mirrors?
  • Why does she hide her other collection of antiquated sewing shears?
  • Why does a bent, elderly shadow appear some nights against the lamp-lit shade of her upper-right window?
  • What makes Beverly Sams so intent on making Miss Piper’s acquaintance?
  • Why has no one else ever been recorded as having rented the apt across from Evie Piper’s? (Surely that must be a mistake in record keeping?)
  • What is the sensation of cold that lingers in a slice of air, right where the final step of the old stairway meets the uppermost landing between the two apartments?
  • Why is Beverly Sams having so many strangely familiar nightmares?
  • And why does she not see Evie for days even weeks at a time?

Beverly must be losing her mind. She knows, in her gut, that there is something very wrong about Evie Piper … and the stairway … and the dank air that seeps into her room from the brownstone’s basement…

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