A History of the Devil is a book by Gerald Messadié published in 1996. It was originally published in France in 1993 as Histoire Générale du Diable. It was translated into English by Marc Romano.


  1. The Ambiguous Demons of Oceania
    India: Spared from Evil
  2. China and Japan: Exorcism through Writing
  3. Zoroaster, the First Ayatollahs, and the True Birth of the Devil
  4. Mesopotamia: The Appearance of Sin
  5. The Celts: Thirty-five Centuries without the Devil
  6. Greece: The Devil Driven Out by Democracy
  7. Rome: The Devil Banned
  8. Egypt: Unthinkable Damnation
  9. Africa: The Cradle of Religious Ecology
  10. The North American Indians: Land and Fatherland
  11. The Enigma of Quetzalcoatl: the Feathered
  12. Serpent, and the God-Who-Weeps
    Israel: Demons as the Heavenly Servants of the Modern Devil
  13. The Devil in the Early Church: The Confusion of Cause and Effect
  14. The Great Night of the West: From the Middle Ages to the French Revolution
  15. Islam: The Devil as State Functionary
    Modern Times and the God of Laziness, Hatred, and Nihilism