‘This month’s Apex Magazine cover artist is Mélanie Delon, whose award-winning fantasy paintings have been featured in many publications worldwide. Delon’s work has been selected for the prestigious Spectrum annual, and she is a regular contributor to Imagine FX magazine.


APEX MAGAZINE: Many of your works feature women with very smooth skin, a perfection of beauty. When you create a piece like “Promised,” how do you approach the challenge of using only the texture to indicate horror? How do you feel the subtlety works over a more overt horror?

MELANIE DELON: I love playing with contrasts, whether it is light, colors, or the theme in this particular example. I made this illustration for Halloween; I wanted to revisit the classical theme of the bride, with subtlety, while avoiding gore. The choice I have made to draw just part of the face as if the character was undead became rapidly obvious to me. I chose to balance and counterbalance the dark side with soft colors and dimmed lighting. The face texture brings a twist to the drawing and dynamism to this composition. I deliberately chose not to use blood which would have been too simple and evident, but rather work a more subtle decomposition that is not obvious but raises interest and questions the viewer….’

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